Seriously, Who does not have a Smartphone?

Operating times of mobile phones that only work like this are over. Dhammatek has defined a new generation, a new way of life. And today most of us do not know how to survive without one. But how did all this happen? Well, we people used a (boring) mobile phone with personal digital assistants. In the late nineties, some companies started mixing these two methods. And later, technological developments have brought the smartphone into our lives, such as the Android operating system. Nowadays, dozens of them go to the market every year and we look for them.

Items brought by a simple mobile phone are no longer enough. We now need smartphones, mobile devices that combine the elements of a tablet with those of a telephone, we need more capacity to store data and carry out activities, and we need the internet, for the most part. In short, we all depend on minicomputers who are in our pockets.

Refurbished Phone

And now our electronics and even our devices seem to become smarter every day. It’s great, but we have to wake up and become smarter on their side. This is what you offer to do Back Market. Start by questioning the electronic rinsing and repetition cycle that forces us to buy new things year after year, blindly, and consider options to make better choices without sacrificing. That is what buying a refurbished phone on Back Market makes: we sell refurbished electronics that cost people, the planet and the bag much less. And that is why we like to say that everything is as new but better. Refurbished means that the device you have purchased has been rebuilt from a slightly used phone, such as a demo product. Those we sell on the back market are 100% functional, tested, repaired and supported by professional renovators. And to simplify your life, you can also opt for unlocked phones.

Unlocked Mobile Phones

The controversy begins when you think about the possibility of a new smartphone, you start to discuss the technology, operating systems, design or just between one or two models. There are many options and each is special in its own way. That is why we are happy to help you choose a new partner, a smartphone. First, you have to choose an operator. At Back Market, we work with mobile phones, Mobile Phones, Verizon telephones or, as mentioned, Unlocked Mobile Phones.


In addition to the iOS world, there are two important interfaces in the world of smartphones. Windows and Google. The first is a mobile operating system developed by Microsoft and available for all platforms (smartphones, tablets, and computers). Multiple devices are created with every Windows software update. The latest, Windows 10, is the software that is used for Windows phones such as Microsoft Lumia 950. Google, for its part, works with a Linux-based operating system, Android, also oriented smartphones, tablets, TVs, cars and augmented reality -glasses. The HTC, for example, is a Google device.


The third important interface is iOS, the mobile operating system of Apple Inc. Originally developed for the iPhone, it is also used on devices such as iPod touch and iPad. Unlike Windows or Google, iOS only allows installation on Apple devices. Every interface and platform offers something different, it is up to you as a user to choose and choose the one that suits you best. At Back Market, you will find all major smartphones on the market and of course all in different shades and storage options.

Apple iPhone

If you like the design and fun devices with advanced technology, the Apple iPhone can be the right choice. The latest model has an almost frameless OLED screen design without a physical start button, a dual rear camera with enhanced depth detection and a face unlock system called Face ID. Wow, is not it?

Samsung Phones

But perhaps you already know that Samsung phones are really something for you, you love customization more. The latest version has a curved screen and the latest technological trend. There are not many phones with the eight-core Snapdragon 835 processor and the eight-core Exynos 8895, and the Samsung is one.

HTC Phones

Here we will show you all the options. Maybe it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and try something new, or maybe you already know exactly what you want to click on. HTC, for example, may not be the first name you think of when talking about a smartphone, but that does not mean it does not offer important functions. HTC is excellent, especially behind the scenes of the telecommunication market.

Anyway, have fun when traveling through Back Market.

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