10 Myths about Demystified Smartphones

Trying to do your best to keep your smartphone at times can be easier said than done, especially when you spend time following rules that you do not really need.

In light of this, we discover the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the most frequent myths about smartphones…

MYTH: More megapixels = better camera.

Sometimes, when buying a new phone, the specifications of the camera usually indicate the number of megapixels on board. But many megapixels do not necessarily mean a better camera.

More megapixels means a higher resolution image. However, unless you enlarge or print the image on a larger scale, you probably do not notice the difference between 8MP and 12MP. When choosing a camera, it is best to look for a wide aperture, optical image stabilization, depth of field and a wide-angle lens.

MYTH: You must completely empty the battery before charging it.

If he had to wait for his battery to run out every time he recharged it, it would quickly become a nuisance. Fortunately, it is far from the truth.

Most smartphones are now equipped with modern lithium-ion batteries. This means that whatever load you have left is up to you.

MYTH: 4G uses more data than 3G

4G is much faster than 3G, but that does not mean it uses more data. Any web page, application or other download is the same size, regardless of the network in which you are. For example, a 3MB web page will always use 3MB of data, whether you see it on 3G or 4G.

However, you may think that 4G consumes data in less time than 3G. In fact, 4G allows users to browse more pages in less time, which translates into a faster reduction of your budget. In addition, streaming services, such as YouTube or Netflix, are often available in different resolutions to match your connection. In a faster connection, you may be tempted to watch more HD content than SD content, which will also deplete your data group more quickly.

MYTH: Overcharging phone damages the battery.

Many smartphone users charge their smartphone 100% while they sleep. If this myth were true, it would interrupt your sleep pattern to download your phone as soon as it was full.

Fortunately, you can rest at night without having to worry about charging your phone, because once the smartphone is fully charged, the current stops, preventing you from charging more.

MYTH: Smartphones emit dangerous radiation.

MYTH Smartphones emit dangerous radiation

There are many rumors that smartphones are dangerous due to the emission of radiation. This leads some people to keep them in their bag instead of their pocket and to choose to use hands-free accessories for all calls.

However, the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization establishes limits to the SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) of a telephone. This means that manufacturers must comply with certification requirements and must not emit enough radiation to cause concern. If you want to see the SAR evaluation of your devices, you will usually find them on the manufacturer’s website. Here, for example, are the pages of Samsung and Apple.

In summary, keeping your smartphone in your pocket will not cause harm.

MYTH: Apps that run in the background use their battery.

This is undoubtedly a myth for anyone with an advanced smartphone. Recent phones tend to store applications in the RAM of your smartphone, which speeds up your backup. This means that applications that have not been completely closed do not technically use any significant power because they are repeated in the background.

In summary, “running” applications in the background are not active and do not consume the battery.

MYTH: You should not keep your phone in the same pocket as a credit card.

It is often suggested that a credit card, a loyalty card or the like does not work due to contact with a degaussing smartphone. The magnetic strip found on the cards consists of millions of microscopic magnetic particles, which smartphones also carry, but in smaller quantities. Some people claim that this causes conflict and that your credit card may be degraded.

Although a powerful magnet can destroy the band of a card, your smartphone does not release enough energy to do the job. However, this could be achieved through refrigerator magnets, magnetic closures for wallets and purses, or even direct contact with other credit cards by magnetic stripe.

MYTH: A larger battery means a longer life

The bigger something is, the better, is not it? This is true for some things, but not for smartphone batteries. Battery life depends more on the amount of energy a device consumes and how it can handle the tasks it is asked to perform.

While a larger battery can help extend the load, it also depends on the efficiency and power of your processor and the capabilities of your operating system. Therefore, if your workday is usually long, it is best to look for a phone with a high-end processor and make sure that your operating system is up to date.

MYTH: A hair dryer is the best choice for a wet smartphone

Did you drop your phone in the sink? Did he throw the sea? You may be tempted to get to the hair dryer, but that is not the best solution.

Yes, it will help evaporate moisture in the phone. However, the smartphone may overheat or blow more water into the device, which could damage the components. Instead, try placing your phone in a box of dry rice while keeping your fingers crossed.

MYTH: You should not use your phone while it is charging.

Lying in bed or watching television, we often carry our phones and use them at the same time. With some electronic devices, it can be dangerous to use them when they are connected to the wall.

However, smartphones are perfectly safe and still work with the same efficiency when they are charged. The only exception is that if you’re in the bathtub, it’s a big no-no!

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