5 Important Macbook Pro Accessories

I have been using some of the accessories and software with my latest Macbook Pro. Here are 5 important Macbook accessories that one must-have:

1. Thunderbolt 3 Dock

I just love the portability convenience my Macbook pro offer me on the road, but when I’m back to home, I prefer to use it with a decent monitor and existing Macbook accessories UK.
Apple received criticism when it decided to use 24-pin USB connector system (USB-C) known as “Thunderbolt 3” on its new models, but this docking system has added a range of older accessories to the system via one cable.
Using Thunderbolt 3 Dock, one can easily connect the Macbook Pro to office arsenal using a single cable.

2. Ultra Dual Drive USB Type-C

Flash drives are undoubtedly the easiest means to securely share the information in the same room. Just you need to plug them in and you are ready to share the data. As we all know, Macbook uses USB-C while other use USB 3, but SanDisk’s little flash drive hosts both efficiently.

3. Parcslope Stand:

ParcSlope Stand is useful for those people who love to do a lot of work on your notebook and in that case, a stand is highly desired to hold the system up at a good working angle. This stand offers appropriate working angle in order to support your work. In addition to this, this stand supports air-flow around the base of your Macbook.

4. A Card Reader

A card-reader is desired by those who frequently use a digital camera. This is basically used to transfer the images from your digicam to the Macbook.

5. Software Essentials

As we all know Apple offers many alternatives including Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, but professionals still rely on Microsoft’s Office products. In addition to this, one can also use Parallels Desktop 13, it is a powerful application to run Windows on Mac.

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