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Wireless CCTV Camera Systems

Enhance your home security with wireless CCTV camera systems which are easy to setup, automatically receive feeds over Wi-Fi connection and can work seamlessly even with obstacles around.

Easy to Setup Security Camera

The security camera is sold as a bundle with all the necessary accessories and a receiver. The bundles are available at different price points. You can even buy in bulk and get discounted prices. The night vision camera ensures the premises are protected 24/7 irrespective of day or night.

Budget Friendly Security Solution

Buy customizable wireless CCTV camera kit from Dhammatek. It allows you to increase or decrease the number of cameras to keep it within your budget. There are 1080p cameras, DVR support and outdoor models that can withstand weather conditions.

Choosing a Reliable Seller

When buying your wireless CCTV camera system, buy it only from a reliable seller. We have been serving customers since 2006 and you can depend on us for product quality, affordable rates and reliable warranty.