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Apple MacBook Pro Charger

Apple MacBook is the most popular laptop that both professionals and students can buy today. They run on the latest version of iOS and keeping a secondary MacBook magsafe charger handy for travel is a good thing. Use them in case, you lose the primary charger or need to charge multiple devices at once.

Why is Magsafe Charger So Popular?

Certified by Apple, the Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch charger is available with different power outputs including 60W, 85W and 45W. For the convenience of users, it is equipped with an LED light that lets you know your MacBook is getting charged.

Get the Bundle

The MacBook Pro Charger bundle includes an AC cord and AC wall adapter for users to conveniently charge it at any location. Before you purchase the product, check the Mac model you own and choose a compatible charger.

Buy at Dhammatek

Buying Apple MacBook Pro charger UK online at Dhammatek is recommended as you can be assured it is a genuine product, which is fully compatible with your device and available at discounted prices.