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The search for a computer used in any condition can result in a negative stigma. Electronic devices that have already had an owner can cause some to believe that they are below the standard. Although this stereotype may be true for some types of electronic components, it is not the same for Mac that is used in Mac of All Trades.

There are many benefits to buying used iMacs. With a small novelty, Macs can be found at a fraction of the price. Think of it as a used car, which loses a lot of its value once out of the field. Buying as a second owner does not make the machine less efficient, but it significantly reduces its price.

Other benefits include the quality and customer service that Apple prides itself on; All these aspects are still compatible with the Apple computers used. The AppleCare warranty can also be restored to ensure that your computer is covered in case of a problem.

Your used reseller will also be an excellent source of help, especially with regard to troubleshooting and explaining any questions you may have. Also, because you buy a Mac, you do not have to worry about viruses.

Apple computers have a long service life and can easily be restored to meet the needs of new users. Mac computers used are an excellent way to save money when looking for a new computer.

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MacBook Air: features, specifications, and prices of the most affordable Apple laptop

What you need to know about Apple’s most economical laptop.

The MacBook Air is Apple’s most economical laptop. If you are looking for high performance and low-cost machine, the MacBook Air is perfect. Learn more about the MacBook Air by reading its features and specifications below.

Latest news and rumors about MacBook Air

Bloomberg announced in August that Apple plans to launch a new Mac laptop at low cost. The new laptop will be similar to the MacBook Air, but the Bloomberg report did not specify whether the laptop would be part of the alignments of the MacBook or the MacBook Air, or if these alignments would be grouped into one.

Bloomberg says the new laptop will have a 13-inch Retina display for customers looking for a “cheaper Apple computer” and schools.

Current MacBook Air: Processor, graphics, storage

The MacBook Air is equipped with an Intel Core i5 dual-core processor at 1.8 GHz, an advantage compared to the Core i5 dual-core processor released more than two years ago. The MacBook Air processor is a fifth-generation Broadwell chip, two generations older than the Kaby Lake processors of the new MacBook Pro and MacBook.

For graphics, the MacBook Air uses an integrated graphics chip. This means that the graphics processor is part of the main CPU and uses part of the main memory of a computer. It is not as fast as discrete MacBook Pro graphics (a dedicated and separate chip), but it can handle daily tasks without any problem.

The MacBook Air uses SSD to store files. They are faster than hard drives, but as they are more expensive to produce, MacBook Air SSDs do not come close to the terabytes of storage offered by a hard drive.


The MacBook has a 13.3-inch screen. To keep the price low, Apple uses a standard definition screen with a resolution of 1440×900.

MacBook and MacBook Pro use Retina displays that outperform the MacBook Air screen. The images and texts on the Retina screens are much sharper and softer.

Size and weight

Apple offers a single-size MacBook Air: a 13.3-inch model that weighs almost 3 pounds and measures 12.8 x 8.94 x 0.68 inches.

The MacBook Air is not as small and lightweight as the MacBook, but it is much more portable than the MacBook Pro.

Models and prices

Apple offers two standard MacBook Air configurations. Each model can be customized at an additional cost.

How to buy a MacBook Air

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