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Although the products are used and refurbished, they are covered by an extended one-year warranty and offer features that work like the new one. The warranty starts from the moment you receive the product in accordance with carrier tracking information. The warranty covers parts and labor for all mechanical problems. If we do not repair the restored iPhone that you buy from us, we will provide a similar product for your replacement.

If you are looking for reliable online stores selling used Apple iPhones for sale in bulk or refurbished iPhone the UK or the European Union, you are in the right place. Buy Refurbished is a unique platform for buying refurbished iPhones offering excellent performance and all the features you can access in a new iPhone. We are the right choice if you want many iPhones, but cannot afford to buy. We make sure to offer all iPhone models affordable prices so you can save on your Apple products.

Since all our used products are fully tested and tested by our experienced techniques, they are wear free. All products undergo a thorough quality control process before being sent to us. Therefore, if you cannot buy new Apple iPhones, you can choose to buy refurbished iPhones in bulk at affordable prices. For warranty, visit our warranty page to understand the terms.


We test all the refurbished devices that leave our office.

All products come with a sealed box and all accessories and are top quality.

You can see that it is a systematic and very complete process, but our customers appreciate it. As a result, about 81% of the devices tested are correct and can be sent to our customers, the rest is returned to our suppliers.

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Also, do not forget to check the actual photos of the product.

All refurbished iPhones are assembled from seamless base plates and original LCD screens.

We offer a one-year DOA warranty.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or inquiries at sales@dhammatek.co.uk


Laptops, an essential part of every student’s or professional’s life, have become a basic need for almost everyone. Play an important role in everyone’s life, watch movies, surf the Internet, work and play, and perform many more vital tasks in our daily agenda.

Now the question is how to find a laptop that’s both stylish and has great features. Some factors need to be taken into account, such as hard disk quota, screen size, speed and type of processor, graphics card, memory storage and many other factors when buying a laptop.

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Apple is recognized for the best design, development and sale of software and laptops. You can see the best Apple laptops here. Take a look at the fascinating Mac Book that will enhance your performance and style. You can stay connected with your loved ones. Mac Book is a perfect combination of performance and style.

Apple has also developed laptops for game fans. So, if you like games, you should go get an Apple Mac book. Heavy graphics cards and RAM configurations are built into these laptops. Speed ​​is guaranteed by the excellent processors of Apple laptops. Each Apple laptop runs on the MAC operating system. Editing videos or music and sound recordings is a trick on a MacBook, making it the best choice for filmmakers and musicians. Watch movies, videos, read PDF documents, listen to music with a very easy-to-use Mac Book.

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Apple offers a wide range of MacBook’s and laptops. Apple products are another quality name. All models are separate classes and can be noticed very easily compared to other brands. Apple offers the smart range of Mac books at a higher cost.

At Dhammatek.co.uk, we ensure that new, refurbished, certified, pre-owned and open-box Apple laptops achieve the same high standard of quality without compromising the performance standard. For this purpose, each device undergoes exhaustive tests, after which they are certified according to the quality standards of QU Trust.

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