How to Extend the Battery Life of Your Phone

The way you use your smartphone has a great impact on the life of your battery. If you run out of power quickly, it may be time to take a closer look at your device and its settings.

Smartphone battery

To get the most out of your smartphone’s battery, you must understand exactly where your energy is going.

Analyzing the use of the battery is an excellent way to see which applications consume the most amount of energy in your device. Some applications tend to deplete the battery of smartphones faster than others due to their nature (for example, games with detailed graphics applications or video streaming applications), while others may use their battery. Test difficult because of the intense activity in the background, which you want to avoid.

So, how to access this data? iPhone users can go to Settings> Battery to find information about the use of the battery, which Apple divides into percentages. Here you can see which applications have used the most energy in the last 24 hours or 7 days.

Android users can also view similar information by selecting Settings> Battery. You may have to press ‘Battery Usage’ if you do not see the list of applications here automatically. The options usually vary depending on the Android operating system used.

If an application has a high rating because you use it frequently, take note of it and try to reduce the time spent on it if you need to extend the life of your phone’s battery.

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Reduce your notifications

Reduce your notifications

Every time a notification appears on the screen, the power is used. Although some notifications are useful, many applications send unnecessary alerts and every vibration, screen or sound will have a negative effect on your battery.

You can disable notifications for most applications on your device by disabling them in Settings. It only leaves important notifications, such as messages and calls.

Disconnect when necessary

4G and 3G, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi can consume your battery even when you’re not using it, so turn off each connection when you do not need it. If receiving calls or sending text messages is not vital, it can be completely disconnected by activating Airplane Mode.

Knowing your Wi-Fi hotspots is an excellent way to manage battery efficiency. If you’re near free Wi-Fi, make sure you’re connected: not only will you save your monthly savings, but your energy consumption compared to mobile data will also be lower. At the back of the same room, if you are in an area without Wi-Fi, be sure to turn off Wi-Fi on your device. This will prevent your phone from periodically searching for the Wi-Fi signal, which can result in a loss of battery power.

Adjust your settings

Adjusting some basic settings on your device can help you save energy. In general, smartphones have beautiful and vibrant screens, but using your phone with full brightness can have a significant impact on battery life. Dim your screen or, at least, activate the automatic brightness to not use the maximum brightness 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Android users may want to remove their live wallpapers from the lock screen to save money. more energy possible.

The vibrations also consume a lot of energy. In fact, they consume much more energy than just a ring. Turn off the vibration for notifications, calls, and SMS, and turn off haptic feedback to extend the life of your phone.

Disable ‘Background App Refresh’

If you discover that an application has a particularly high level of background activity, it means that it consumes your energy when you are not using it.

You can reduce the background activity of an application on an iPhone by disabling the update of the application in the background. iPhone users should click on Settings> General> Update application in the background, then disable all applications one by one or completely disable all activities.

Meanwhile, Android users can disable background activity in several ways, depending on the device being used. Background activity for individual applications in recent Android operating systems can do this by going to Settings> Batteries, selecting an application and then disabling its activity in the background with a single tap.

Enable “Low power mode”

A quick and safe way to extend the life of your phone’s battery is to activate a specialized energy-saving mode, available on most smartphones. For iPhone users, this is called “Low Power Mode” and you’ll find it in Settings> Battery.

For Android users, the title in this way can vary from Battery Saver to something totally different depending on the company that created your smartphone. For example, Samsung has used the energy saving mode and energy saving mode on their devices, while Sony has chosen to preserve the battery life with STAMINA. Some energy saving modes are also customization and you can select exactly what is enabled or disabled.

Most tend to reduce energy consumption by disabling non-essential processes. Background activity is often automatically disabled, downloads or updates are avoided, mail removal is stopped, and visual effects and haptic functions are generally reduced.

Of course, individually disabling all these processes and functions on your phone through Settings will also help you extend the life of your battery.

Stay cool

Just like when we are too hot, we also get tired of your smartphone. When your smartphone is left in a place where the sun shines or in a hot car, it gets hot, which can damage the battery. If you are going on vacation, avoid direct sunlight, since your phone’s battery can run more efficiently and last longer. 

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