How to Increase Your Mobile Signal

If you live in a busy and populated city, it may be strange to remember that all people in the UK do not receive a super-fast phone signal. For many smartphone users, especially those who live in remote areas, the inability to send SMS and make calls from home can be a great frustration.

However, there are ways to improve your weak mobile signal. Face the uneven reception and stay connected by following our tips below.

Don’t reach for the sky

Before starting with our signaling tips, we should shed some light on an important myth that surrounds the telephone signal. Even today, you will probably notice that people hold their smartphone in the air or wave it to strengthen their connection. However, no matter how far you get, it will always be a failed gesture.

The only way it will work is to move your phone higher than a real physical obstacle. For example, materials such as concrete, wire mesh, glass and metal slip commonly used in buildings can prevent wireless signals from reaching your device. That’s why many people suggest moving to an open window or avoiding places like elevators and basements.

Evaluate your current location

Does your signal seem to be falling in the same place instead? If you discover that this is the case, take the time to evaluate your environment. As mentioned above, many buildings offer materials that can block your connection. So you can move to a different area when you make an important call.

Electronic devices can also have a negative effect on your phone’s signal. Items such as microwaves, baby monitors and even your Wi-Fi router can cause interruptions.

Did you know that your smartphone could do all this?

Test calls Wi-Fi

For those who suffer from a weak residential telephone signal, opting for the Wi-Fi calls can be a great solution. The Wi-Fi call automatically uses your wireless Internet connection instead of your network to make and receive calls without sacrificing audio quality.

Most major networks offer Wi-Fi calling, but it’s better to check. You should also know if your device also supports this technology and enable it in the configuration of your phone. Even if you cannot use Wi-Fi calls, you can make calls and send SMS using your Wi-Fi connection with applications such as Skype, FaceTime, and Whatsapp, etc.

Invest in a network signal amplifier

If you still have problems with your phone’s signal, choose a signal amplifier from your network provider.

Signal amplifiers essentially use your Wi-Fi connection to amplify your network coverage in your home, improving your phone’s signal indoors. You can buy a signal amplifier on your network’s website or in the store.

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Verify a telephone signal card.

If you are considering buying a new smartphone, first check the coverage card of the OpenSignal phone. Approved by which?, Simply enter your location, choose your preferred network and select the type of coverage you want (2G, 3G or 4G).

Refresh your signal

Have you tried turning your phone off and on again? We are serious sometimes, phones can be a little confusing when looking for the nearest mobile phone tower. Update your signal when you reboot on your mobile and see if it helps your device establish a connection.

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