IOS 12 vs. Android PIE: What Improves Your Mobile Experience?

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Features of IOS 12 and Android reviews PIE? This question arises in the minds of all mobile phone users when they buy a new phone. Android and Apple always make every effort to provide users with the best possible experience with the software updates released each year. Whether you buy an iPhone or Android with the latest version of the software, you’ll get the most out of it if you want your life to be easier than before. To take advantage of these latest software updates on iPhones and Android phones, you do not need to spend a lot to buy a new phone, because you can spend a lot less and buy a refurbished Apple iPhone or Android phone and enjoy same features as those offered by the software. Latest models.

There is usually a myth that iPhone users cannot switch to Android and vice versa. But this is a myth because you can easily switch between these two and take advantage of the specifications of this software. Most of the specifications for these programs are similar because Android and Apple know the needs of users and do their best to answer them.

Features of iOS 12:

Features of iOS 12:

Let’s start by describing the latest features Apple has included in its iOS to check if these functions are valid or not. Although Apple has introduced a new version, namely iOS 12.1, this version resolves only the errors of iPhones. But let’s talk first about compatibility with iOS 12; iOS 12 is compatible with newer iPhone than iPhone SE, while the release date of iOS 12 in the UK was September 17, 2018. Like iOS 12, iOS 12.1 is also compatible with theas sent to all iPhones the day of its release. It does not need to delay updating your device for new features. Now that we have a clear view of compatibility with iOS 12, let’s take a look at the new features in iOS 12.

What’s new in iOS 12?

The question we should have here is not what is new in iOS 12, but what are the features of IOS 12 that are worth it. The features of iOS 12.1 and iOS 12 are considered one of the best features available in all versions of iOS. Let’s see the new iOS features below:

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The first and most important reason why Apple launched this new version of IOS was to improve the performance of iPhones and make iPhones processing speeds faster than ever before. The most irritating thing when a user uses a mobile phone is when the mobile phone is late when performing important tasks or if he is late and does not really have the time to handle any delays. In this rapidly changing world, we are almost every time in a situation where our phone needs to be faster than ever. Apple knows and respects the concerns of users, and this is the only reason why the best feature of iOS 12 is that Apple has improved the performance of its iPhones.

With iOS 12 and iOS 12.1, you can swipe left to the camera and it will open 70% faster than before. In addition, the keyboard of your iPhone now displays 50% faster than before. In addition, the best improvement is that when you perform multiple tasks on your iPhone, it can launch applications 2% faster than before.

In short, if you have an iPhone compatible with iOS 12, your life can be a lot easier.

IOS 12 Feature to FaceTime With 32 People At Once:

In this busy world, we cannot call everyone individually if we have urgent news to broadcast in our circle of friends. Also, in the official life; Most of the time, we need to have a meeting, but we cannot get everyone involved at once, it’s delaying our official duties. The good news is that you can now deal with Time with 32 people at a time, in audio or video. You can breathe a sigh of relief after learning this because it will save you a lot of your valuable time. Group FaceTime with so many people, making us more productive in our lives.

The additional benefit that Apple provides to its users is: When you register so many people in FaceTime, you may not understand who is speaking. To clarify this confusion, Apple has introduced another feature of iOS 12 that makes the extension of the thumbnail of the person speaking at this time to facilitate identification.

IOS 12 Features Related To Screen Time:

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This new feature of iOS 12 is very useful for users in many ways. To keep track of the time you spend on each application, you will not have to worry, because your iPhone keeps all the history of use of your iPhone. Apple respects our values ​​and Apple does not want you to become addicted to your iPhone. The digital life of your iPhone presents a real reality and you have to live the reality to the max, spend quality time with your family and friends and do not use your iPhone at any time.

The duration of the screen allows you to know the period of the day that you have dedicated to certain applications. It does not propose to define time limits for the moment but indicates the exact time that you have spent on certain applications. You can get an idea of ​​the time you are losing with your iPhone.

Not only for you, but you can also know how much time your children spend on the iPhone or iPad and let them know that they do not use the devices too much.

IOS 12 Features of Do Not Disturb Mode:

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Do not disturb mode on your iPhone is convenient for users. But the best thing to know right now is that Apple has made this feature even more practical under iOS 12 and iOS 12.1. Now, the only option for you when configuring Do Not Disturb mode is not just the set time limit. The new Do Not Disturb mode allows you to activate Do Not Disturb mode until you leave a specific location. In such cases, the iPhone tracks your location, for example, if you have to attend a meeting and always put your iPhone in Do Not Disturb mode, but after the meeting, always forget to turn it off. If this is your case, you can easily activate the option until I leave this location. Once you leave the meeting, your phone will automatically return to the normal configuration. iOS 12 also offers features that let you put your iPhone in Do Not Disturb mode until night or for an hour, etc.

These are not all new specifications added by Apple in iOS 12, but they are surely the best in the group.

What’s New with Android PIE?

Android PIE is the latest version of Android. The release date of Android PIE was in August 2018, but unlike iOS 12, the Android PIE update was only sent to the latest Android phone models or only to Google phones. This version of Android is also called Android 9 PIE since it is the ninth update of Android versions. The update of Android PIE would come on the other models of Android phones until the middle of this year, like every time. Well, now that we know its compatibility, we can discuss Android PIE features that steal the hearts of people around you.

Android PIE Update on Battery Life:

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Android has introduced new features that help you save your mobile phone battery without having to turn on battery saver mode. These features include an adaptive battery that allows your phone to be smart enough to know how to use your apps. The Adaptive Battery knows applications that you do not use much and does not allow these applications to run empty of your phone’s battery.

Another characteristic under this head is the adaptive brightness. In previous versions of Android, when you turn your Android phone to Auto Brightness, the brightness is set according to the lighting conditions. But now you can control the automatic brightness mode because you can easily adjust the brightness according to the lighting conditions. Your phone will remember your selection in specific lighting conditions, which will make it easier to use. In addition, it would save a lot of battery life of your Android device.

Android PIE Update on Digital Wellbeing:

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Here, for digital well-being, we are talking about the time you can keep when you use your phone. Like iOS 12, Android PIE also offers a feature similar to Screen Time in iOS, but this feature in PIE is much better. On the control panel, you can see the time you spend on certain applications on your phone. Not only that, but you can also keep track of the time at which you check your phone in general. This can give you an idea of ​​your use of your phone and ignore your real life.

You do not have to worry if you use your phone too much and you cannot avoid it in general. Since you can set limits on the apps you use on your phone. Application timers will inform you when you are about to reach the limit you have set for a given application and when that limit will be exceeded; the app icon will be disabled to let you know that you have other things in your life too.

Android PIE Update on Do Not Disturb:

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Android has also improved the No-Bother mode used in its new version. In Android PIE, you can easily turn on do not disturb mode and set time limits for that. Also, in Do Not Disturb mode, your phone’s screen will turn gray, making it easier to sleep and not allowing the vivid color of your screen to disrupt your sleep. You can enable Do Not Disturb mode when you want to disable all notifications and switch the screen to grayscale mode. What better than that!

Final Result:

Now that you know the incredible features of iOS 12 and the incredible features of Android 9 PIE, you can now easily select the phone you want to buy. Both programs include some of the best features for ease of use. You can easily buy a refurbished iPhone and get iOS 12 on this iPhone without any problem. But I should check if the Android phone is updated to Android PIE before buying that specific phone.

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