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The Apple Mouse is equipped with Bluetooth technology, so that you can connect it wirelessly with your computer. Its 360 degree scrolling design lets you move on the screen without even lifting your finger. This feature is apt for gaming and photo editing software. Use it with your iMac or Macbook, as it is engineered to function well with the iOS applications. This mouse responds to pressure from your fingers at four different places.

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Apple Mighty Mouse Wireless Bluetooth A1197:

  • The Mighty Mouse combines the capability of a multibutton mouse with Apple’s signature top-shell design for both form and function. Mighty Mouse’s Scroll Ball features miniature sensors that allow you to manipulate what appears on your screen merely by moving your finger. The 360-degrees scrolling perfectly positions to roll smoothly under just one finger. Touch-sensitive technology under Mighty Mouse’s seamless top shell detect where you’re clicking, transforming your sleek, one-button mouse into a two-button wonder. Pan images in iPhoto, view timelines in iMovie HD and Final Cut Pro, traverse bars in GarageBand and Logic Pro while sipping your morning cup of coffee or typing. Pre-programmed to launch Dashboard, Mighty Mouse’s side buttons show you all your open windows in Expose with a squeeze. Mac OS X gives you the capability to choose any application from the intuitive System Preference pane.
  • Mighty Mouse features a seamless, touch-sensitive design that combines the simplicity of Apple’s popular single-button mouse with the versatility of a wireless multibutton mouse. One-click, right-click, or left-click to access key features of Mac OS X Tiger, or program custom functions. This mouse also includes the clickable Scroll Ball, an innovative feature that allows you to scroll in any direction, not simply up and down. Mighty Mouse is a trademark of Viacom Consumer Products, Inc., used under license.



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