If you need a new phone, but the prices of the newer models cost it, you may be able to use the latest technology for hundreds of less. Emma Lynn explains what you need to know to get good deals on refurbished phones
A growing number of sophisticated buyers are buying high specification mobile phones but without the exorbitant price.

The secret is to buy a renewed phone instead. Cost savings vary from one model to another and, as always, you have to shop around.

A “refreshed” smartphone does not only mean that it is used or used, but it is also better than that.

Refurbished phones

Refurbished phones are phones that have been exchanged or returned to retailers, then tested, repaired if necessary, and reclassified for resale.

Contrary to popular belief, all refurbished phones still had no problem: some customers are redirected to the networks by customers who have changed their minds during the 30-day reflection period after their signature.

Undoubtedly, there is a booming market for refurbished phones. According to the counterpoint technology research firm, the global home improvement market grew 10 percent in the last year, while the smartphone market was reduced by 1 percent.

refurbished phones

It is easy to see why the market is growing. Technology addicts often update their phones as soon as a new model comes out, generating a very active market for old and in-use phones.

Others try a phone for a few weeks and then return it if it does not suit them.


Buying a refurbished phone does not mean you have to pay a bet on an eBay seller or an online store you’ve never heard of.

Refurbished phonesThe refurbishments are sold by mobile specialists such as Carphone Warehouse and Direct Mobile, the main telephone networks such as O2 and EE, and virtual mobile networks such as Tesco Mobile and Giraffe.

Some phone manufacturers also sell refurbished phones, but not the two large players Samsung and Apple (although Apple sells iPods and refurbished iPads).


The great advantage of buying a refurbished phone is its price.

refurbished phones

The Envirofone recycling site estimates that you can save between 15% and 30% on the price of a new phone when it is updated, but the amount you can save depends on the phone and the offers you can find.

Although some repackage phones are sold through contractual networks, most are sold directly and unlocked. This gives you the freedom to link it with a cheap deal only with SIM to limit your mobile spending.

As an example, you can buy an iPhone Gray Space Gray 8 64 GB refurbished in Giffgaff for £ 499 to £ 100 less than a new one purchased directly from Apple.

refurbished phonesAbandoned models, such as the iPhone 5s, will benefit from much larger discounts than newer models.

For example, you can get a used Apple iPhone 5s priced at € 119 at Amazon Renewed (the section of the online giant that sells renovated, used and open-box products). However, it is important to understand what you get when you buy a refurbished phone.

Some pieces will not be delivered in their original packaging and may not include a charger, a headset or the special pin you need to open the phone and insert your SIM card.

refurbished phones

Some phones may have cosmetic damage, such as scratches or scratches.

Reconditioned phones may be cheaper than new ones, but they can still cost a few hundred pounds. So it’s a good idea to think about insurance.

Elena Martyn, of the insurance comparison site, Protect Your Gadget, warns that most insurance providers only cover phones if they have been purchased from a network provider, manufacturer or service provider. Another authorized retailer

“In fact, it is considered that buying a smartphone through an unauthorized reseller represents a greater risk in terms of the state of the phone, so unless you plan to buy directly from one of these sources, you will have problems find insurance coverage, “he said.

refurbished phones

“Insurers do not like smartphones that were purchased more than a year ago, so it varies from provider to provider, so it’s important that you check your policy limits to make sure it’s available. Good coverage.”.

Certified network phones and authorized resellers must have a 12-month warranty, but they must double-check that some sellers only offer six months.

Finally, be sure not to confuse “used” phones in private sale on eBay or Amazon with refurbished phones.

The term “used” may mean something of a few scratches to be completely abused, and a used phone may not work as well as a refurbished phone.

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